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This is the function of the Eustachian tube in the ear and its disorders

Although foreign to our ears, one part of the ear, the eustachian tubes, turns out to have quite an important role. The function of the Eustachian tube is apparently useful for equalizing pressure inside and outside the ear, and drying or releasing fluid from the middle ear, that is, the ear behind the eardrum. Despite having an important role, but some people often experience loss of function of the eustachian tubes due to blockages. The function of the eustachian tubes is to connect the middle ear to the back of the throat. When you swallow or vaporize, this channel opens briefly to let air in, which makes the pressure in the middle ear and the pressure outside the ear the same. Impaired Eustachian Canal Functions Everybody has an eustachian channel. This channel is shaped like a tube that connects the space behind the eardrum in the middle ear with the back of the nose. In adults, the eustachian tubes are about 35 millimeters or 1.3 inches long and about 3 millimeters in diame
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Versatile, There Are At Least 25 Benefits of Petroleum Jelly for Beauty

Beautiful skin becomes a dream, especially for women. Unfortunately, various skin problems can interfere and affect appearance. One of the products that can be selected to overcome them is petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly is a material that can help coat the skin with water protection, so it can help maintain and restore skin moisture. In addition, petroleum jelly is believed to have a myriad of benefits for skin beauty. Here are some of the benefits of petroleum jelly that you can use to maintain beauty: Moisturize the skin. A study shows that petroleum jelly is effective in maintaining skin moisture. So, to keep your skin moist, don't forget to apply petroleum jelly every day! Overcoming dry lips. To overcome and prevent dry and chapped lips, apply petroleum jelly on your lips. Overcoming cracked feet. Chapped feet often occur on dry foot skin. After bathing, apply petroleum jelly to the affected leg area before going to bed, wear socks, and leave it overnight. Do it reg

Easy Tips to Overcome Dry and Chapped Lips

Dry and chapped lips are very susceptible and can interfere with appearance. In fact, if allowed to drag on, it can interfere with health. The skin of the lips may look darker, peel and bleed, especially if you don't treat them well. Lips that are healthy and moist will certainly feel more comfortable and more attractive to look at, but there are many factors that can cause interference with the lips, especially lips that are dry or chapped. Some of them are due to environmental conditions such as weather or room temperature, body conditions that are experiencing certain diseases, or bad habits. The condition of dry lips or chapped lips, indicating that the lips are not moist enough. Moreover, the lips do not have oil glands like the skin on other parts of the body, so the lips cannot lubricate themselves. You also need to pay more attention to the maintenance of this section to stay healthy. To prevent and treat dry and chapped lips, there are separate ways to maintain health

How to Overcome Excessive Menstruation Causes of Anemia

Excessive menstruation makes us prone to anemia, aka blood deficiency. Know the various foods and drugs needed to overcome them. Anemia is a common disease that occurs when the body lacks red blood cells. This disorder is most often caused by insufficient levels of iron in our body. In fact, iron is useful for producing red blood cells. Without iron, red blood cells may also lack hemoglobin, a protein that carries oxygen from the lungs throughout the body. Iron Deficiency Anemia One type of anemia is often a problem that arises in women. Why can we lack blood or iron? Among others, influenced by poor nutritional intake and poor absorption of nutrients and iron, pregnancy, and bleeding, one of the causes is menstruation with excessive bleeding. Prolonged and excessive menstruation can cause low iron levels. Remember, lack of iron causes the supply of red blood cells to go down. If the amount of blood lost is more than the body's ability to replace it with a new one, we can get

Did you know, Child Growth and Optimal Starting from Healthy Digestion

Having healthy and smart children is certainly the hope of all parents. Did you know that Mother and Father were influenced by the healthy digestive system of children? In children, the healthy digestive tract can process nutrients perfectly and is essential for growth and development. The absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract is also very important for the development of intelligence or IQ. Digestive disorders most often occur Although most children are able to absorb nutrients perfectly, however, there are also those who experience gastrointestinal disorders. Two types of gastrointestinal disorders that are often experienced by children, namely malabsorption and constipation. Malabsorption occurs when the body is unable to absorb nutrients from the digestive tract to be carried into the bloodstream and spread to body cells. This can occur due to changes in the intestinal wall, so that nutrients cannot pass through it. This change in the intestinal wall can be caused